Backstop Supports Business with Outsourced Services

Backstop provides scalable outsourcing services to for-profit, not-for-profit and government enterprises. From small and startup to well established enterprises.

Outsourced Bookkeeping

Providing all bookkeeping services including profit and loss, billing and receivables management, payroll, monthly and quarterly ATO lodgements.


Outsourced Marketing

Marketing for every aspect of your business including: CRM, email marketing, chat services, website design, Ecommerce, SEO, AdWords, Social Media.


Business Brand Setup

Providing you with a complete identity kit for your business including: registration of business, company and domain names, logo, setup of email.


Professional Reception

Professional phone answering service, answering your calls when you’re busy so you don’t miss out on important business opportunites. Easy and affordable.


Online 24/7 Business Advice

Easy to read articles on the many aspects of owning a business and the merits of outsourcing. Access the information online 24/7.


How Outsourcing Works

When you are small, Backstop provides the services you can’t afford to do in-house because you only need small amounts of each function; like bookkeeping, marketing, web design.

As you grow, you hire managers and we Backstop them with services not yet on your payroll.

Eventually, you don’t need us; and we have both won!

What we Do

Backstop supplies outsourced business services including;

  • bookkeeping and accounting
  • digital marketing
  • sales funnel management services
  • web design
  • office IT systems
  • phone reception

Where We Work

We primarily work remotely so we are available anywhere and everywhere across Australia.

Some services like digital marketing can work anywhere in the English-speaking world if you wish.

Who We Are

Backstop was set up by an experienced business operator with several startups under his belt. Profits are diverted to a charitable education foundation. The Backstop business came about because of difficulties finding a one-stop-shop of outsourced service providers that could grow alongside as his business grew.

At Backstop we provide scalable outsourcing services to for-profit, not-for-profit and government enterprises. From small and startup to well established enterprises.

Understanding Outsourcing

Why Outsource Business Processes to Backstop?

Smaller businesses have to do everything that larger businesses do, but they have to do it with fewer resources. Outsourcing tasks that are not part of your key skill set makes sense…

You get the services of an experienced operator

  • without wage overheads
  • pay only for what you want

You can change providers easily

  • much easier than employed staff
  • no supervising or training

Grows along with your business

  • increase outsource use until
  • you are big enough to hire your own and
  • start them with well designed systems

For a FREE no-obligation discussion on how Backstop can help your business grow, please do phone us on (07) 5430 6685 or email us with your mobile number and the best time to contact you . You can reach us at [email protected]