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Frequently Asked Questions

How does outsourcing save you money?

Outsourcing saves you time and money 3 ways. First, you only pay for what you need and use. If you employ someone, you will nearly always have too much or too little work to keep them busy. Either way, your business is impacted.
Second, if the outsourced person is not working out they are easily replaced. You can’t fire a permanent member of staff without due process. And then you have to find a replacement. And so on and so on. Meantime, your business is suffering
Third, you hire an outsourced specialist to do the particular job,. They are likely to be better at that particular job than a permanent member of staff who is more of a generalist. They will do some part of the job well; and others not so well.

What does outsourcing mean?

Outsourcing means you hire a person or outsourcing specialist for just the particular skills and amount of work you need.  No overheads, no lead time recruiting a paid member of staff and later potentially having to replace them.  As your business grows, you can hire permanent staff when the work load warrants but continue outsourcing infrequent or specialist jobs.  Maximum flexibility for you.

What parts of Australia do you cover?

The outsourcing skills that Backstop supplies are all able to be done remote from your office.  We work in the cloud to share information with you.  So we cover all of Australia comfortably.  Some skills like digital marketing, where the techniques don’t rely on country -specific knowledge, are offered worldwide.

The COVID-19 lock downs where people had to work remotely demonstrate that remote working is quite possible.  This is particularly exciting if your business is in a region of Australia where some skills are in short supply.

Are there any contracts with your outsourcing services?
Depending on the skills you want at any particular time, we will have an hourly rate or a fixed charge for the job. Also, we will reach agreement in advance on just how the arrangement will work and you will have a written copy of the agreement. We only get paid for the completed work. Built into that agreement will be the rights and timetable for either party to terminate and redress if not satisfied. Compare the convenience of outsourcing under these conditions with the comparative inflexibility of hiring, disciplining and, if necessary, letting permanent staff go. Outsourcing is so much easier!

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