Every Business Needs Bookkeeping; it’s a given!

Backstop offers THREE tiers of bookkeeping support

BACKSTOP’s Four Bookkeeping Plans

Rather than take on the fixed cost and uncertainty of hiring their own staff, many businesses outsource their bookkeeping. That is where we can help you.

Backstop is a provider of outsourced bookkeeping services. We offer three tiers of bookkeeping and business analysis support. Choose the one that best suits you!

DIY Bookkeeping Plan

Many businesses do their own bookkeeping.  This is a great way to get a feel for your business’s performance.  But sometimes, you will have technical questions about your accounting software or methods and could do with some help.

We have just the service for you!

You can hire a Backstop bookkeeper experienced with your accounting software on an hourly basis for as often and as long as you want.  There is no standing fee; just when you need help!

Basic Bookkeeping Plan

Every business of any size needs the basics of bookkeeping. Profit & Loss reports, maybe payroll, and all the necessary ATO compliance processes. Any analysis of these materials can be done by the owner and an annual review by your accountant.

Our Basic Bookkeeping Plan provides everything you need. Even better, we quote you a fixed monthly fee. Rather than the uncertainty of hiring at an hourly rate, we tell you in advance so there are no surprises. For many businesses, this Basic Bookkeeping Plan is all you need and want to satisfy your goals for the business.

For a no-obligation, free, fixed fee quote for all your bookkeeping, email us on [email protected] and we will call you.

Performance Tracker Plan

But, for businesses wanting to improve their performance, finding out how it is going only once a year will not be enough. A whole year can be lost before you know the key performance statistics of your business and its direction into the future.

Our optional upgrade to Performance Tracker Plan gives you insight into your business each Quarter so you can track results and make corrections to maximize your business. You get our Basic Bookkeeping Plan for as much time as you need. And, every Quarter, you get a copy of our TrendBoard performance tracking report. This is a written report and a Person-to-Person consultation on how to interpret your Performance Reports plus unlimited free access to the Profit Savvy Business Management Knowledgebase (normally ($95/month).

For a no-obligation, free, discussion on how this Plan will help your business, email us on [email protected] and we will call you.

Backstop’s Bookkeeping Plans

These rates do not include accounting software subscription.  We can quote that additional fee once we know your needs.

For a no-obligation, free, discussion on how this Plan will help your business, email us on [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change plans?

Yes. You can change up or down whenever you like. Your new Plan will begin at the start of the next month. 

Why don't you show your bookkeeping fees?

Every business is different.  We want to tailor the fixed fee to your particular business so we want to have a chat first.  We could just charge you an hourly rate but that doesn’t let you budget.  And you always have this nagging feeling that  the bookkeeper is not incentivized to work more efficiently when you pay an hourly rate.

What about non-routine work?

If you have once-off jobs that are difficult to budget for in advance, we can work on an hourly rate.  An example might be a once off fee to straighten out your bookkeeping system if it is a bit disorganized.  Contact us for a discussion on your requirements.

Payment in advance

We charge you monthly in advance because our fixed pricing means you will know what to pay.  There are no mid-month refunds if you cancel a Plan or the service.

Can I see before I buy?

Yes.  We will provide case study samples of the Performance Reports at any time so you can see the extra information that is available.  We will give you a no-obligation, free,  one on one discussion session to explain how to use the Performance Reports and Improvement Strategies to your advantage

Why so many plans?

Business owners have different goals.  We want to give the best tools for every owner; no matter what their goals.  And we don’t want you to have to pay for more than you need.

Why Xero?

We have standardized on Xero because of its modern, cloud based convenience for every party and its huge ecosystem of apps that can help your specific needs.  If you are presently with other software, your records can often be ported over for free from that system to Xero.  Contact us to discuss obligation-free.

I have a bookkeeper, can I get the other plans?

Yes.  You or your bookkeeper will need to provide the necessary data to us for the reports. Our fee is reduced but  everything else remains the same.

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