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BACKSTOP Delivers both Traditional Bookkeeping AND Tools to understand what it all Means

If you’re like most small to medium business owners, you got into business to do what you love and make money on your own terms.

But your work week (and weekends) can be quickly overrun with day-to-day tasks – leaving essential areas of your business, like bookkeeping, at the bottom of your to-do list.

This oversight can seriously impact your business!

  • Your cash flow is impacted because invoices aren’t issued or followed up promptly.  Result: You can’t pay bills and wages
  • Your business decisions are made on out-of-date financial data because data entry is behind.  Result: You spend money you haven’t got
  • You experience a profitability downturn.  Result: you don’t know if the business has become less efficient or it is the economy so you delay fixing internal financial problems which costs you even more and
  • Your financial commitments and BAS lodgements can be missed.  Result: ATO hassles and fines

Sound all too familiar? The good news is there is a perfect prescription for your financial headache – your own part time, remote working Australian bookkeeper.

But Wait, There’s More

The accounting reports from most tax accountants and bookkeepers are virtually useless for getting the day to day pulse of your business.

If you were bigger, your would have a fulltime, professional, Chief Financial Officer to make sense of all the information floating around in your accounts.  And you would be paying an average of $157,000 salary according to benchmarking services.  No wonder you don’t have one!

BACKSTOP includes virtual CFO services in our Bookkeeping service; at little or no more cost.  You get far deeper insight into your business and rest easier at night.


10 Powerful Reasons to use Our Combined Bookkeeping and vCFO Services

  1. you only pay for as much bookkeeping service as you need and it can vary with your workload
  2. Better, your fees are fixed for several months at a time (unless your business changes dramatically) so you can plan ahead
  3. both the bookkeeping and vCFO services work remotely so you have no office overheads
  4. if your normal bookkeeper is unavailable for some reason, use our temp bookkeepers to seamlessly fill the gap. 
  5. If you have your own internal bookkeeper, bolt our vCFO services onto their outputs
  6. our bookkeepers are quality controlled for professional bookkeeping service
  7. experts say a successful business should do what it is good at and outsource bookkeeping to someone who is good at that!  The best of both worlds.
  8. you know what rate you charge your time out for.  Chances are your virtual bookkeeper charges less than that so you make more profit with outsource bookkeeping
  9. save on tax accounting costs by having your part-time bookkeeper make sure your books are in top condition. Your accountant will probably thank you as this is a major time waster for them; which gets charged to you
  10. your casual bookkeeper is backed up by the full resources of Backstop.  Our Mission is your Sustainable Business Success

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