In-house Bookkeeping Support for Accountants

Backstop offers an alternative to employing your own bookkeeping staff

Bookkeeping Support for Accountants

Doing bookkeeping in-house for your clients is an income generator but comes with its own management issues. Backstop offers a cost and planning effective alternative to the uncertainty of employing your own bookkeeping staff.


13 Important reasons to hire Backstop rather than DIY

Hire Your Own


They may or may not work out and it will take you months to train and trial them. Then you have the messy process of letting them go and any FWC backlash.Our staff are already trained and working. If the individual doesn’t suit you, we can swap them for another.
Your clients have different needs that you have to shoehorn into one employee.We can offer different staff for different needs.
You have an overhead cost of supervision.We manage the routine supervision but you retain control over the essential setup, tax and super roles; and charge your client accordingly.
You make a margin between salary and client fees.You also make a margin between outsourcing charges and client fees but without the headache of permanent staff.
There is a risk that you have too little or too much work for the in-house bookkeeping staff. A particular risk during downturns.We scale up and down with your workload from time to time. Never any scaling problems.
You face coping with extended annual, sick and parental leave.We fill in gaps caused by annual and sick leave, adjusting our service to your workload at any time.
Your clients remain your clients.Your clients remain your clients. We work for you rather than the client so they are your asset.
Your bookkeepers liaise directly with clients.With your permission, ours can also liaise directly with clients so you don’t have a communications overhead.
You want to grow your bookkeeping business.We would like your business to grow. As you get surplus capacity, you can take back some of your work from us so that your in-house staff are always fully engaged.
You have quality control over in-house staff.You have quality control with us also. You retain direct control over any mission critical aspects of the engagement with your client. And we fill in the rest under your direction.
You work with several bookkeeping systems and have to find staff skilled in each of them.We work only with Xero and its add-on ecosystem. Consider outsourcing Xero work to us to reduce the need for multi-skilled staff.
You charge either by an hourly rate or a fixed fee or use value pricing.We start with an hourly rate because we don’t know your client in advance but can move to a fixed rate as soon as the work is scoped. That gives you budgeting certainty.
You are in Australia.We are in Australia too and we use Australian bookkeepers rather than overseas staff.

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