Referring Bookkeepers to your Clients

Refer Backstop’s bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Referrals for Accountants

As a trusted advisor to your clients, chances are some will ask you to refer them to an outsourced bookkeeper. You might be a bit uncomfortable doing that despite wanting to help their search. Backstop offers a range of bookkeeping services that you can feel comfortable referring to your clients.


11 Important Reasons to Refer Your Clients to Backstop

Refer a Sole Practitioner


They may or may not work out and the client will doubt your judgement.Our staff are already trained and working. If the individual doesn’t suit the client, we can swap them for another.
No sole practitioner is going to be too hard on themselves.We regularly test our client’s opinion of our services so that we can catch any problems with service or staff quickly and remedy them.
Your clients have different needs that you have to shoehorn into one sole practitioner.We can offer different staff for different needs.
You don’t want to be caught up supervising the bookkeeper for the client.We manage the routine supervision. You retain control over the essential setup and tax and super roles; and charge your client accordingly.
Your client is growing but the bookkeeper is time limited due to other clients.We scale up and down with your workload from time to time. Never any scaling problems.
The bookkeeper might have unexpected extended annual, sick or parental leave leaving your client unsupported.We are able to fill in gaps caused by annual and sick leave with our larger staff pool. We can adjust our service to your workload at any time.
You may want to introduce in-house bookkeeping downstream but don’t want to disadvantage the bookkeeper by stealing their clients.We understand your innovation and can phase out our services as you phase yours in. And we can stick around to help in-house as well.
You lose quality control and find yourself having loads more corrections to make (often uncharged) at tax time.You retain direct control over any mission critical aspects of the engagement with your client. And we fill in the rest under your direction.
The bookkeeper may not be familiar with contemporary cloud-based systems making your oversight far harder.We work only with Xero and its add-on ecosystem.
The bookkeeper will likely charge an hourly rate. This leaves a niggling worry about their productivity in the client’s mind and makes budgeting hard.We will offer your client a fixed fee so they can budget and manage cashflow.
Once their work calendar is full, you (and maybe the client) are not too important to the bookkeeper.We are keen to get more referrals from you so we will look after both your client’s and your interests.

For a no-obligation discussion about how we can satisfy your referral needs, or to introduce your client to us, please email [email protected]