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You could buy and read hundreds of books, you could pay $thousands to do an MBA for 3 years…
You can get the same information distilled out into easy to-read-articles on just the topic of your current interest; online 24/7. is another of Scott’s pet projects. He had to study and read for years as he grew his businesses and now he wants to make the same information available to you; on demand, 24/7. provides the detail behind how and why Backstop structures its outsourcing services to better help you. We are a fast growing business applying and refining management training to our own operation to perfect it for your use.


Normally $95 per month, Backstop clients can get free access to for as long as they use Backstop’s Services.

Diagnose Business Problems

DIAGNOSE THE PROBLEM has a handy set of diagnostic tools.

If you have a known business problem and want a specific solution, follow the diagnostic path to find suggested actions you can take with your business.

If you don’t know what is causing problems in your business, the diagnostics will help you narrow down the possibilities and direct you to possible solutions for you to consider using in your business.

Advice is layered to be useful to all levels of business management expertise; from basic to advanced.

Normally $95 per month, Backstop clients can get free access to 12Faces for as long as they use Backstop’s Services.

Business Growth Programs Australia

TAILOR MADE PROGRAMS also offers more detailed training for three common strategies that apply equally to all types of enterprise; for-profit, not-for-profit and public sector.

No matter what type of enterprise, the same budgetary issues are drivers. training covers these four scenarios;

  1. Turnround30: for distressed enterprises.  It offers suggestions on rapidly finding the root causes and identifying solutions with a 30 day timeframe
  2. Optimize100:  there is nearly always savings to be found in any business that has been operating for a while.  This training sets a 100 day sprint target to finds and begin to strip out things in your enterprise that are impacting on revenue and costs.
  3. Grow365:  a year long program to start your business on a growth trajectory
  4. Innovate1000: Innovation is a long term and necessary strategy for enterprises that want to survive in an era of uncertainty and the disruption of many business models.  This training plots Innovation over a 5 year time horizon.

Normally $95 per month, Backstop clients can get free access to for as long as they use Backstop’s Services.